Joanne - Lady Gaga

First of all, Gaga is a queen and there is nothing you could say to change my mind. ESPECIALLY after listening to Joanne!!!! 
Second, this new album is everything we didn't know we wanted from Gaga. 
I think we can all agree that ARTPOP was more of an ARTFLOP, but Gaga really showed her talent in her collaboration album, Cheek to Cheek, with Tony Bennett. Gaga continues to show off her vocal talent throughout Joanne.

Joanne is the start of something beautiful for Gaga. She has stated that she wanted the focus to be on the lyrics of this album. She wanted the songs to sound more like a story than a melody. When writing the songs, Gaga pictured a girl in the middle of nowhere who would understand the lyrics and make a human connection to them. Gaga decided that in order to make this a reality she would have to mix up some genres including country, funk, pop, folk, electronic music, dance, & rock. What more could we ask for?! Then there's the emotional connection -- & she gave it to us on a silver platter. Gaga wanted us to be able to feel the heartbreak, desire, nostalgia, and frustration she was feeling while writing. In previous interviews, Gaga said she wanted Joanne to be a surprise for her audience. She described the production process as "a wonderful, soul-searching experience." Honestly, listening to the album is an equally wonderful and soul-searching experience. Thanks Gaga!! 
Family is definitely an underlying theme throughout the album. The album is named after her father's late sister, Joanne Stefani Germanotta, who died at 19 years old in 1974 due to complications related to Lupus. Gaga has stated that although they never met, Joanne has always been the biggest figure in her life. She credits beating addiction as well as her success as a musician all to her Aunt Joanne. I think we all owe Aunt Joanne a big huge thank you for inspiring the genius that is Lady Gaga. 
With the combination of emotional lyrics and creative genre mixes, Joanne has quickly become my favorite album of 2016. What are your favorite songs off the album so far? What do/don't you like about Gaga's new feel? Let's chat in the comments below!