Cover It Up

You can listen to this playlist here: Cover It Up

  • Billie Jean {The Civil Wars}
  • Better Together {Us The Duo}
  • Wonderwall {Ryan Adams}
  • Heartless {Taylor John Williams}
  • Headlock {Lennon & Maisy}
  • Rather Be {Jasmine Thompson}
  • Best Mistake {Jessi Malay}
  • Jolene {Zac Brown Band}
  • Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds {The Flaming Lips ft. Miley Cyrus}
  • Gin and Juice {The Gourds}
  • XO {John Mayer}
  • No Scrubs {Christine Parker}
  • Crazy In Love {Kenz Hall}
  • Creep {Brandi Carlisle}
  • Somewhere Over The Rainbow/What A Wonderful World {Israel Kamakawiwo'ole}

This week's playlist will give you a new kind of experience. Covers of popular songs are extremely interesting to me. Not only do you get to hear how a person wishes a song was produced, but you also get to experience hearing an old song for the first time all over again. A lot of covers are identical to the original. That's not my kind of cover. I live for the covers that almost totally change the song and allow me to love a classic song in a whole new way. One of my favorite covers on this playlist is Taylor John Williams' version of Kanye West's Heartless. TJW completely alters the original feel of the Kanye hit. This kind of alteration shows incredible talent and creativity. Kudos to you, Taylor John Williams. The Civil War's rendition of Michael Jackson's Billie Jean gives me life. The amount of emotion they put behind MJ's famous lyrics lets you listen to the song in a completely new way. Love it. (PS. Please get back together, Civil Wars!!!!)

I hope your ears enjoy the playlist I put together for you this week. Leave your thoughts on covers in the comments! 

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