You can listen to this week's playlist here: 201S

  • Emergency {Icona Pop}
  • Yoga {Janelle Monáe}
  • Bad Girls {MKTO}
  • Powerful {Major Lazer}
  • Waiting For Love {Avicii}
  • This Summer's Gonna Hurt Like A Mother Fucker {Maroon 5}
  • Hey Mama  {David Guetta}
  • Nothing Without Love {Nate Reuss}
  • Lean On  {Major Lazer}
  • Woke The F*ck Up {Jon Bellion}
  • 2 Heads {Coleman Hell}
  • Someone New {Hozier}
  • Marvin Gaye {Charlie Puth}
  • Doo Doo {Troy Ave }
  • We All Want The Same Thing {Rixton}

This week I am taking a risk! I am predicting this summer's radio hits! Summer 2015 radio will be really interesting with the recent rise in Indie and EDM interest throughout our communities. I thought it would be fun to guess which recently released songs would soon turn into overplayed, worn out, radio hits.

I have included the artists that held a top 20 spot all last summer, as well as some hopefuls. MKTO, Maroon 5, Icona Pop, and David Guetta seem to always have a hit single out; so I feel pretty good about those predictions. Artists like Janelle Monáe, Jon Bellion, and Major Lazer (yes, I know he's on this playlist twice)  are still very new... and not super popular... but I have faith in them! 

Do you think I'll be right? Tell me in the comments along with a song who's lyrics will be ingrained into our memories forever due to it's success as a 2015 Summer radio hit! 

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