Beat It, Punk

You can listen to this week's playlist here: Beat It, Punk

  • Can't Kick Up The Roots {Neck Deep}
  • America's Suitehearts {Fall Out Boy}
  • London Beckoned Songs About Money Written By Machines {Panic! At The Disco}
  • Born For This {Paramore}
  • Addicted {Simple Plan}
  • Your Graduation {Modern Baseball}
  • Flies On Tape {Fireworks}
  • Au Revoir (Adios) {The Front Bottoms}
  • My Friends Over You {New Found Glory}
  • I Don't Love You Anymore {Real Friends}
  • Elevated {State Champs}
  • Empty Space {The Story So Far}
  • Dear Maria, Count Me In {All Time Low}
  • My Own Worst Enemy {Lit}
  • I Got A Girl {Tripping Daisy}

This week's playlist focuses on pop-punk; a subgenre of the very intense, very large: Punk. If you search "pop punk" on Google you get this definition: "pop punk is a fusion music genre that combines punk rock with pop music to varying degrees. The music typically combines fast punk tempos, chord changes and loud guitars with pop-influenced melodies and lyrical themes." In other words... the best of both worlds.  Pop punk is my guilty pleasure.  I don't listen to it enough to call myself a "fan" but I can hang. AND I like it much more than typical radio pop because of the intense guitar and the lyrical value each song has.  I included Simple Plan and Lit for some "old school" pop-punk vibes. Of course I had to add FOB, Panic!, and All Time Low to the mix. & Yes.. I know... Dear Maria, Count Me In is the most basic pop-punk song in existence. But I love it & you love it. It's all fine and good - Enjoy!

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The Good Old School Shit


You can listen to this playlist here: The Good Old School Shit

  • American Pie {Don McLean} 
  • The Wind Cries Mary {Jimi Hendrix} 
  • Bohemian Rhapsody {Queen} 
  • More Than a Feeling {Boston} 
  • Any Way You Want It {Journey} 
  • Juke Box Hero {Foreigner} 
  • Dream On {Aerosmith} 
  • (Don't Fear) The Reaper {Blue Oyster Cult} 
  • Werewolves Of London {Warren Zevon}
  • Hold On Loosley {38 Special} 
  • Kashmir {Led Zepplin} 
  • Pinball Wizard {The Who} 
  • Free Fallin' {Tom Petty} 
  • Don't Bring Me Down {Electric Light Orchestra} 
  • Blinded By The Light {Manfred Mann's Earth Band}

Who doesn't love classic rock?!  I know I do. My father made sure classic rock would be one of the most influential genres in my collection. Any time we were in the car he was quizzing me on Robert Plant & Freddy Mercury's voices and I often had to name the song or band within the first 20 seconds of the song to prove my knowledge. I'm one of the few 18 year old girls that has her car radio on the classic rock station more often than country or pop, and I love it! I hope you all love classic rock as much as I do. I would love for you to leave your favorite rock songs or artists in the comments. I'm sure I'll add to this playlist in the future!