Keep Your Peepers Peeled

You can listen to this playlist here: Keep Your Peepers Peeled

Yo!!!! I know I've been MIA, but listen... I've got some really dope up & coming artists to share with y'all. I got a little inspired tonight by some local artists trying to climb the ladder, so I grabbed 2 songs from 13 different artists in order to show off the incredible amount of talent making its way into the music industry right now. All of the artists I featured here have less than 1 Million average monthly listeners and each have their own beautifully unique sound. 

I'd like to start with Pat App - a fellow Purdue student who I will have the pleasure of seeing live in two weeks here on campus! (If you like his sound, hit me up. I can get you tickets.) His lyrics have deep meaning, and you all know I'm a sucker for a good lyricist. 

  • Aim High {Pat App}
  • Relate (feat. Pat App) {Mardi}
  • Point Blank {Mardi}
  • Jenny {Lauren Sanderson}
  • Please Don't Go {Lauren Sanderson}
  • London {Grey Lamb}
  • Hollow {Grey Lamb}
  • Sour Patch Kids {Bryce Vine}
  • The Fall {Bryce Vine}
  • Skwod {Nadia Rose}
  • 2H2H {Nadia Rose}
  • Chill Out (feat. SG Lewis) {RAY BLK}
  • Patience (Freestyle) {RAY BLK}
  • Diddy Bop {Noname}
  • Reality Check {Noname}
  • Free Room (feat. Appleby) {Ravyn Lenae}
  • Recess {Ravyn Lenae}
  • Grey Luh {Berhana}
  • 80's {Berhana}
  • Get You (feat. Kali Uchis) {Daniel Caesar}
  • Death & Taxes {Daniel Caesar}
  • Often {Abhi//Dijon}
  • Ignore {Abhi//Dijon}
  • Where Did I Go? {Jorja Smith}
  • Beautiful Little Fools {Jorja Smith}

Pat will be opening alongside Purdue duo, Grey Lamb. The thing I like most about these guys, aside from their dope flow, is that they make all their sounds themselves. I chatted with them a bit at their booth during the 2015 Starry Night festival where they were making beats as potential listeners approached them. Their spontaneity was very cool and equally inspiring. 

The headliner at the concert I've been going on about is Bryce Vine. Many of you will have already heard his song Sour Patch Kids, but the rest of his music is still pretty unheard and definitely underrated. I'm counting on these three artists to rock my socks. Updates to come... meanwhile let's chat about some of the other artists you'll hear on this mix. 

Lauren Sanderson is a Fort Wayne native who strives to influence her audience to be their most free and happy selves. She gained her popularity on twitter and decided to follow her dreams of inspiring through her music. She is consistently growing and perfecting her sound - definitely someone to keep an eye on. 

Noname is gaining popularity very quickly. Her sound is quirky and her lyrics are powerful. The Chicago native's soulful R&B style speaks to me. Her music pairs quite nicely with RAY BLK's. I included RAY's puissant freestyle track in the mix because frankly, you needed to hear it. I have faith in the fact that both of these strong women with stunning lyrical skills will make it far in the industry. 

Before I go, I want to quickly mention one of my favorite songs in this mix - Grey Luh by Berhana. I don't know what it is about this song I love so much, but damn it makes me wanna dance. This dude has a TON of potential. Easily on my must-listen list. 

Do you guys have any new artists you need to brag about? Leave them in the comments below and I'll definitely give them a listen. I'm always looking for new sounds to send through my ear holes. While you're in the comments, let me know what you thought of this mix along with suggestions for future playlists! 

Happy Listening, friends! 

Straight Fire

You can listen to this week's playlist here: Straight Fire

  • Wet Dreamz {J. Cole}
  • On To The Next One {JAY Z}
  • Lemme Freak {Lil Dicky}
  • Without Me {Eminem}
  • IFHY {Tyler, The Creator}
  • The Worst Guys {Childish Gambino}
  • Who Am I (What's My Name?) {Snoop Dogg}
  • Forgot About Dre {Dr. Dre}
  • Make Her Say {Kid Cudi}
  • Heard 'Em Say {Kanye West}
  • Sirens {Hoodie Allen}
  • Alright {Kendrick Lamar}
  • Rebel {G-Easy}
  • Legend {Drake}
  • P.I.M.P {50 Cent}

As the kids say... this shit is fire! This playlist has a mixture of new and old rap; there's really no rhyme or reason to any of it. I'm generally neutral towards rap, meaning that its not my favorite but I'll listen to it when it's on. The songs on this week's playlist are mainly my favorite rap songs.
You'll notice that I added a comedic rapper, Lil Dicky, and I highly recommend that you listen to his songs while watching his videos on youtube,  ( you won't regret it. 
My personal favorite rapper would have to be Kendrick Lamar. His lyrics tell legitimate life stories. Lamar's newest album, To Pimp A Butterfly, is fantastic. As well is J. Cole's newest album, 2014 Forest Hills Drive. 

Please leave your favorite rap artist/song and any recommendations in the comments below! 

Also, the subscription service has been fixed! I am sorry for any confusion,  and I recommend that you subscribe for a weekly notice on when each playlist goes live!