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  • Oceans {Lauren Sanderson}
  • Time Capsule {Little Simz}
  • Room 302 {Future Brown}
  • F Q-C #7 {Willow}
  • Battle Cry {Angel Haze}
  • Love Me or Hate Me {Lady Sovereign}
  • Work Mommi Work {Rye Rye}
  • The Jump Off {Lil' Kim}
  • Win Again {Nicki Minaj}
  • F*ck Love {Trina}
  • Ice Princess {Azealia Banks}
  • Funkdafied {Da Brat}
  • Cloud Aura (ft. Brooke Candy) {Charli XCX}
  • Bring The Noize {M.I.A}
  • I'm the One {Reema Major}

Hello again friends! I'm going to apologize now for putting two similar playlists together two weeks in a row, but I have been DYING to do this one. Not only because I really enjoy listening to female rappers, but because I was looking forward to the challenge of finding 15 of them worthy enough to make it into one of my playlists (worthy? LOL) aaanyways... It was fun to find an old song like Love Me or Hate Me and feel the nostalgia in the beat. BUT the new artists are the most exciting. Like Lauren Sanderson for example. The track I chose, Oceans, is only her 2nd single. She has used her (deserved) "twitter fame" to kick start her career as a public speaker and rapper. I believe she writes all of her own rhymes, which is such a talent in my eyes. A lot of rappers think rhyming is what rapping is all about, but it's the lyrics that count. What is most admirable about Lauren is her ambition and her ability to practice what she preaches. "Stay Positive & Stay You" are a few words that you can find everywhere on Lauren's website laurensanderson.com. Check her out, see what she's about, and take a listen.

Is there an aspiring artist you want me to check out? Tell me all about them in the comments below!