J Chillin'

You can listen to this playlist here: J Chillin'

  • Dreamers {Scavenger Hunt}
  • The Way We Touch {WE ARE TWIN}
  • Peaches {In The Valley Below}
  • The Struggle {Grizfolk}
  • Little Games {The Colourist}
  • I'm Good {The Mowgli's}
  • Roses {Pacific Air}
  • Pressure {Youngblood Hawke}
  • Cardiac Arrest {Bad Suns}
  • Breaking Up My Bones {Vinyl Theater}
  • Windows {Prinze George}
  • Break My Fall {Golden Coast}
  • Fade {Mexico City Blondes}
  • Midnight Moon {Waterstrider}
  • You Haunt Me {Sir Sly}

This week's playlist is made up of many unknown bands and easy to listen to songs. I made this playlist with relaxation in mind. I listen to these songs when I'm "J Chillin'" like driving, getting ready, or while working. 

Let me know in the comments what kind of music you like to listen to in your spare time!

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