Beat It, Punk

You can listen to this week's playlist here: Beat It, Punk

  • Can't Kick Up The Roots {Neck Deep}
  • America's Suitehearts {Fall Out Boy}
  • London Beckoned Songs About Money Written By Machines {Panic! At The Disco}
  • Born For This {Paramore}
  • Addicted {Simple Plan}
  • Your Graduation {Modern Baseball}
  • Flies On Tape {Fireworks}
  • Au Revoir (Adios) {The Front Bottoms}
  • My Friends Over You {New Found Glory}
  • I Don't Love You Anymore {Real Friends}
  • Elevated {State Champs}
  • Empty Space {The Story So Far}
  • Dear Maria, Count Me In {All Time Low}
  • My Own Worst Enemy {Lit}
  • I Got A Girl {Tripping Daisy}

This week's playlist focuses on pop-punk; a subgenre of the very intense, very large: Punk. If you search "pop punk" on Google you get this definition: "pop punk is a fusion music genre that combines punk rock with pop music to varying degrees. The music typically combines fast punk tempos, chord changes and loud guitars with pop-influenced melodies and lyrical themes." In other words... the best of both worlds.  Pop punk is my guilty pleasure.  I don't listen to it enough to call myself a "fan" but I can hang. AND I like it much more than typical radio pop because of the intense guitar and the lyrical value each song has.  I included Simple Plan and Lit for some "old school" pop-punk vibes. Of course I had to add FOB, Panic!, and All Time Low to the mix. & Yes.. I know... Dear Maria, Count Me In is the most basic pop-punk song in existence. But I love it & you love it. It's all fine and good - Enjoy!

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