Don't Harsh My Mellow

  • In The Stream {S. Carey}
  • Youth {Daughter}
  • Normal Song {Perfume Genius}
  • I Was Just Thinking {Teitur}
  • Wash. {Bon Iver}
  • Radio cure {Wilco}
  • Resurrection Fern {Iron & Wine}
  • Oh My God, Whatever, Etc. {Ryan Adams}
  • What Will {José González}
  • The Blower's Daughter {Damien Rice}
    You can listen to the mix here: Don't Harsh My Mellow

Hello, Friends! This week's playlist is nice and mellow. I have some of my favorite artists in the mix, like Wilco, Ryan Adams, and Iron & Wine. I've had a lot of upbeat and exciting mixes lately, & I figured it was time for a more relaxed vibe. These are the kinds of songs you'd listen to when you need a little quiet, but not silence. Or maybe when you just need to take a drive to clear your mind. What kind of tunes do you listen to when you need some alone time? I want to know, please tell me in the comments below! 
I hope you have a mellow week! Enjoy.