A Little Bit Country

You can listen to this playlist here: A Little Bit Country

  • Winning Streak {Glen Hasnard}
  • Hold On {David Ramirez}
  • Letters To Ghosts {Lucie Silvas}
  • Dark Days {The White Buffalo}
  • Losing Side Of Twenty-Five {American Aquarium}
  • I'm Not Coming Back {Husky}
  • King of California {Renn}
  • Anybody Else {Phil Cook}
  • Get Up {Caitlin Canty}
  • What the World Made {Desert Noises}
  • Hands of Time {Ryan Bingham}
  • Desert Days {Elenowen}
  • Miss Me More {Striking Matches}
  • Traveller {Chris Stapelton}
  • The Railyard {Balto}

We all know that country is one of my least favorite genres, but this week I thought it might be nice to play around with some real country music. The country music we hear on the radio does nothing for me anymore. Its all the same. However, country music that doesn't make it to the radio (because its real country, not pop-country) can get me groovin' most times. Most of the songs here have that good ol' country twang we all know and love. There are a couple ballads, and a couple rock-a-billy songs thrown in the mix, but that just makes it all the more fun! I hope y'all enjoy the mix I put together for you this week.