Party Hardy

You can listen to this playlist here: Party Hardy
What music do you listen to at parties? Tell me about it in the comments below! 
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  • DOLCE & GABBANA {Riff Raff}
  • Actin Crazy {Action Bronson}
  • Bricks {Carnage}
  • Grown Up {Danny Brown}
  • Hands on the Wheel {Schoolboy Q}
  • Lift Me Up {Vince Staples}
  • Rosana {Wax}
  • Sexting {Schoolboy Q}
  • Tammy's Song {Kendrick Lamar}
  • Worst Behavior {Drake}
  • Electric Body {A$AP ROCKY}
  • Work REMIX {A$AP Ferg}
  • Blessings {Big Sean}
  • My Way {Fetty Wap}
  • Off The Rip {French Montana}

With college right around the corner, it felt appropriate to make a "party" playlist. (sorry mom!) Clearly this is just a starter playlist... unless your parties only last 57 minutes... but it's a good base for a great party. FYI: There are more explicit songs than not. Be aware. 
 I also felt like this would be a great time to debut my newest tattoo! I got a Play/Pause symbol behind my right ear (as you can see in the photo above) and I absolutely LOVE it! Thank you to Michael Mankin at Studio 13 Tattoo in Fort Wayne, IN for doing great work. You can check out his work on instagram @ManakinSkywalker. 

Happy (& safe) partying, my friends!