Slow Jams

You can listen to this playlist here: Slow Jams

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  • 1999 {Active Child}
  • Slip {Elliot Moss}
  • No Other Way {Sinead Harnett}
  • Bennie And The Jets {Miguel & Wale}
  • Dissolve {Absofacto}
  • I Can't Keep Up {Tourist}
  • Next Year {Two Door Cinema Club}
  • Fast Life {Asher Roth & Vic Mensa}
  • Global Concepts {Robert DeLong}
  • Everyday {A$AP Rocky}
  • Million {Tink}
  • Girl {The Internet}
  • Handcuffs {Prince Royce}
  • iKnow {Roman GianArthur}
  • Good Drinks, Dumb Jokes {Louis York}

When life's going a little too fast, listen to slow jams. That's what I'm living by this week during my first university experience. I started my first college class EVER Monday morning at 8:30 AM (too early, btw) and my COM 144 instructor is way too pumped for life at that point of the day.  
[For any that care... my day went great. Aside from dropping $200+ on books... but what's a student to do, amirite?]
I know some of my readers are not quite to the college level, or have experienced what I'm talking about many times before, but on any level I think we can all agree that sometimes life gets moving a bit too fast. At any rate, we all are moving forward and (hopefully) enjoying every step we take! I hope you listen to this playlist and everything your mind is wondering comes to a hault and you take a few moments for yourself to appreciate the life you're living. 'Cause life is a beautiful thing, ya know? 

Also, Miguel's remake of Benny And The Jets gives me life rn and there was no way I wasn't going to share it with you. You're welcome!!!