Always Acoustic - Part 2

You can listen to the additions here: Always Acoustic

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  • Let Me Down Easy {Max Frost}
  • Hold Back The River {James Bay}
  • Wasn't Expecting That {Jamie Lawson}
  • Up On That Hill {Mick Flannery}
  • The Blower's Daughter {Damien Rice}
  • Low Rising {The Swell Season}
  • Knots {Lisa Hannigan}
  • When Your Mind's Made Up {Glen Hasnard}
  • Shield Your Eyes {Dry The River}
  • Nothing Arrived {Villagers}
  • In The Stream {S. Carey}
  • Divisionary {Ages and Ages}
  • To Travels and Trunks {Hey Marseilles}
  • Running For Cover {Ivan & Alyosha}
  • Neighbor Song {Aunt Martha}

Yes yes... It is time. It is time for the first playlist addition. Maybe it's lazy, or maybe it's genius. Think what you want. :) 
If you would like to see what I wrote about this playlist the first time, click those words! You'll see everything I have to say about acoustic music there!! Enjoy the additions, friends!!