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I would really like for some of you guys to share your concert experiences with me below in the comments! 

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  • Keep It Loose, Keep It Tight {Amos Lee}
  • GoT Theme {Amos Lee}
  • Arms of A Woman {Amos Lee}
  • Birds of the High Arctic {David Gray}
  • As the Crow Flies {David Gray}
  • Supernova {Ray Lamontagne}
  • Airwaves {Ray Lamontagne}
  • Devil's in the Jukebox {Ray Lamontagne}
  • Repo Man {Ray Lamontagne}
  • That Year {Brandi Carlile}
  • Heart's Content {Brandi Carlile}
  • I Want A New Drug {Huey Lewis & The News}
  • The Heart of Rock & Roll {Huey Lewis & The News}
  • Ants Marching {DMB}
  • Dancing Nancies {DMB}

Me - In Real Life.... this playlist is composed of the different artists I have seen live in concert! Yes, there are duplicates, I haven't been to that many concerts. Give me a break! ;) 

At 13, I experienced my very first concert: Huey Lewis & the News. Although most people my age have never even heard of Huey, man oh man I was real excited. Huey was not only MY first concert, but my mother went to see Huey for the first time around the same age as I was! Btw, Huey may be old... but he still rocks. 
The next summer, my best friend's family and my own traveled down to The Lawn at White River State Park in Indianapolis to see one of my most favorite artists ever, Ray Lamontagne. He was opened by Brandi Carlile (who quickly became another favorite) who has so much spunk and energy! Brandi's enthusiasm and Ray's mellow-ness balanced out perfectly. 

We decided to make Annual Family Concerts a tradition! The following summer we all traveled down to Klipsh Music Center in Indianapolis to see Zac Brown Band. Now, we all know that I am not much of a country fan.. but holy guacamole ZBB can kill a crowd!  ZBB was one of the best concerts I have ever been to. They never quit rockin'. 

We kept the tradition going for a third year when we went back to Klipsh to see one of the greats... DAVE MATHEWS. To give you an idea of how much I love Dave, I named my cat Dave Meowthews. Yeah. I'm a fan. Brandi opened for Dave too, which was a complete surprise and totally awesome. But once Dave was on stage, he didn't stop.That's not an exaggeration either. He put on a 45 minute encore of Ants Marching. The Post Concert Depression was so real.  

The tradition was broken last summer when only my dad and I went down to The Lawn to see Ray again. He was just as great as the first time, but with a different sound. Any Ray fans reading this know exactly what I mean. AND he spoke!!! Ray told a couple stories this time! It was glorious. (Ray has been known to not interact with his audience much. just a "thank you" here and there) 

This summer (two weeks ago) I had the opportunity to go down to The Lawn once again but this time I saw a fantastic "shared" concert. Amos Lee and David Gray were both headliners and let me tell you... it was AWESOME. Amos interacted with the crowd throughout his entire set (he played the freakin' GoT theme song. How awesome can you be?!) and David's head was in full force by the 5th song. (once again... any David fan knows what I'm talking about)
The photo for this week's post was actually taken at this concert (yep that's me!)