Nothin' but Sunshine

You can listen to this week's playlist here: Nothin' but Sunshine

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  • Sunshine {Tom Misch}
  • Walking on Sunshine {Katrina & The Waves}
  • Sunshine {Matt Costa}
  • Pocketful of Sunshine {Natasha Bedingfield}
  • Sunshine {Matisyahu}
  • The Sun is Gonna Rise Again {Cris Cab}
  • Sunny Day {Joy Williams}
  • Chasing the Sun {Hilary Duff}
  • Soak Up the Sun {Sheryl Crow}
  • I Was Made For Sunny Days {The Weepies}
  • The Sound of Sunshine {Michael Franti}
  • Follow the Sun {Xavier Rudd}
  • Steal My Sunshine {Len}
  • Brighter Than The Sun {Colbie Caillat}
  • Sunshine On My Shoulders {Carly Rae Jepsen}

Every single song on this week's playlist has the word SUN involved in some way, shape, or form becauuuuuuuse.... I AM TOO SICK OF ALL THE RAIN! For those who have been hiding under a rock all summer and don't know what I'm talking about; In Indiana, we have beat the previous record for the amount of rainfall in the season of summer.... and it's only July 21st... we still have a lot of summer to go. SO! I need a little more sunshine in my life and I had a feeling some of you may have been needing it as well. I hope this playlist gives you some hope and maybe it will even trigger the sun gods to send us endless sunny days! Hope for the best my friends!!!