Strawberry Jam

You can listen to this week's playlist here: Strawberry Jam

  • Kanye {The Chainsmokers}
  • Give Me Something {Jarryd James}
  • Dreams {Beck}
  • Day in June {Kid Astray}
  • Secret Garden {Sway Clarke II, Tink}
  • Habits Of My Heart {Jaymes Young}
  • Pretend Believe {HOLYCHILD}
  • Goodbye {Who is Fancy}
  • Here {Alessia Cara}
  • Supa Dope {Kat Graham}
  • Heart It Races {Architecture in Helsinki}
  • Uma {Panama Wedding}
  • Cut to Black {Lemaitre}
  • Great Summer {Vance Joy}
  • Sail {Noosa}

In honor of this last Sunday being the first day of summer (sorry dads everywhere, the first day of the season trumped your day) I made a real fun "jam to" playlist! This playlist is about half new releases, and half "old" music, but fun in every way. I basically put together anything that made my ear say "ooooh. das nice." I hope your ears do the same. ENJOY! 

What kind of songs make your ears go "ooooh"? Let me know in the comments below! 

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