DISCLAIMER: I have noting against rappers of different races... I just really wanted to make this playlist.

You can listen to this week's playlist here: Caucasian

  • Lose Yourself {Eminem}
  • My Name Is {Eminem}
  • On Fire {Eminem}
  • Under Pressure {Logic}
  • People Keep Talking {Hoodie Allen}
  • Paul Revere {Beastie Boys}
  • Lady Killers (feat. Hoodie Allen) {G-Eazy}
  • Life's Fucked Up {Devlin}
  • A Little More {MGK}
  • Fiddle Me This {Yelawolf}
  • In My Zone {Rittz}
  • Ice Ice Baby {Vanilla Ice}
  • Watching Movies {Mac Miller}
  • Drug Dealer {Plan B}
  • Sunshine {Atmosphere}

This week gets you familiar with white rappers. You might look through the playlist and think, "wtf Taylor... you put Eminem on here THREE times???" You bet your ass I did! Not only does Eminem hold the title of "best white rapper" but he has 3 different rap-personalities. He is Eminem (Lose Yourself), Slim Shady (My Name Is), and Marshal Mathers (On Fire). This playlist simply would not be complete without him. 
You'll also notice that I included a couple "old school" rappers in the playlist as well. First with Vanilla Ice and his hit song Ice Ice Baby. And then we have the Beastie Boys who, frankly, made rap rap. They were the first rap group of any importance. The Beastie Boys made history with their first album Licensed to Ill in 1986. 

I hope you enjoy this week's mix and leave some of your favorite white rappers in the comments for me to check out! 

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