Purdue Bell Tower

You can check out this week's playlist here: Novem-brrr

  • Bad Day {Darwin Deez}
  • Why iii Love The Moon. {Phony Ppl}
  • Let's Stay Together {William Bolton}
  • Make It Real {BABE}
  • Penny On The Train Track {Ben Kweller}
  • Foreplay/Long Time {Boston}
  • Sour Patch Kids {Bryce Vine}
  • Born Too Late {Dent May}
  • Tell Her {Rizzle Kicks}
  • Everlasting Arms {Vampire Weekend}
  • The Only One {The Black Keys}
  • The Hardest Button To Button {The White Stripes}
  • Bohemian Rhapsody {Queen}
  • U Make Me Sick {HOLYCHILD}
  • Tnt {Zak Waters}

It is officially November, my friends, and that means... brr! I've thrown together a mix of some of my favorite songs to dance and sing obnoxiously to. Those kinds of activities tend to get people nice and toasty, which is exactly what you'll be needing throughout this month. This mix has lots of new, with some old sprinkled in. Songs like Foreplay/ Long Time and Penny On The Train Track were added because they're classic jams when in the car with my dad. Bohemian Rhapsody was added because of my best friend and I creating theatrical dances in my basement to it in middle school and declaring it to forever be "our song". Tell Her was added due to Rizzle Kicks being the first group my boyfriend ever introduced me to. As you can see, the mix may be random to you, but many of the songs have meaning to me. Not only can you work up a sweat while jamming, but you might get some warm-fuzzies on the inside this November as well.
Stay warm friends!