Krazy Kool

  • Babe I'm Yours {Whilk & Misky}
  • Cigarette Song {Raury}
  • Love The Jobs You Hate {HONNE}
  • Weathered {Jack Garratt}
  • On My Mind {William Bolton}
  • Couch Potato {Jakubi}
  • Waves {NoMBe}
  • Weight In Gold {Gallant}
  • Jump Hi {LION BABE}
  • Lay It Right {Speelburg}
  • Treading On Water {Rudimental}
  • Laputa {Haitus Kaiyote}
  • Warm Winds {SZA}
  • 'Bout You {Rainy Milo}
  • Red Light {Baby Queens}

Hi friends! I had quite a busy week, so this playlist isn't anything extravagant. It's mostly a bunch of fun songs I've come across recently and thought "hmmm, that's kinda krazy kool" (no, i don't spell krazy kool like this always).

I hope you guys enjoy these songs as much as I do. See you next week!