Keep Your Peepers Peeled

You can listen to this playlist here: Keep Your Peepers Peeled

Yo!!!! I know I've been MIA, but listen... I've got some really dope up & coming artists to share with y'all. I got a little inspired tonight by some local artists trying to climb the ladder, so I grabbed 2 songs from 13 different artists in order to show off the incredible amount of talent making its way into the music industry right now. All of the artists I featured here have less than 1 Million average monthly listeners and each have their own beautifully unique sound. 

I'd like to start with Pat App - a fellow Purdue student who I will have the pleasure of seeing live in two weeks here on campus! (If you like his sound, hit me up. I can get you tickets.) His lyrics have deep meaning, and you all know I'm a sucker for a good lyricist. 

  • Aim High {Pat App}
  • Relate (feat. Pat App) {Mardi}
  • Point Blank {Mardi}
  • Jenny {Lauren Sanderson}
  • Please Don't Go {Lauren Sanderson}
  • London {Grey Lamb}
  • Hollow {Grey Lamb}
  • Sour Patch Kids {Bryce Vine}
  • The Fall {Bryce Vine}
  • Skwod {Nadia Rose}
  • 2H2H {Nadia Rose}
  • Chill Out (feat. SG Lewis) {RAY BLK}
  • Patience (Freestyle) {RAY BLK}
  • Diddy Bop {Noname}
  • Reality Check {Noname}
  • Free Room (feat. Appleby) {Ravyn Lenae}
  • Recess {Ravyn Lenae}
  • Grey Luh {Berhana}
  • 80's {Berhana}
  • Get You (feat. Kali Uchis) {Daniel Caesar}
  • Death & Taxes {Daniel Caesar}
  • Often {Abhi//Dijon}
  • Ignore {Abhi//Dijon}
  • Where Did I Go? {Jorja Smith}
  • Beautiful Little Fools {Jorja Smith}

Pat will be opening alongside Purdue duo, Grey Lamb. The thing I like most about these guys, aside from their dope flow, is that they make all their sounds themselves. I chatted with them a bit at their booth during the 2015 Starry Night festival where they were making beats as potential listeners approached them. Their spontaneity was very cool and equally inspiring. 

The headliner at the concert I've been going on about is Bryce Vine. Many of you will have already heard his song Sour Patch Kids, but the rest of his music is still pretty unheard and definitely underrated. I'm counting on these three artists to rock my socks. Updates to come... meanwhile let's chat about some of the other artists you'll hear on this mix. 

Lauren Sanderson is a Fort Wayne native who strives to influence her audience to be their most free and happy selves. She gained her popularity on twitter and decided to follow her dreams of inspiring through her music. She is consistently growing and perfecting her sound - definitely someone to keep an eye on. 

Noname is gaining popularity very quickly. Her sound is quirky and her lyrics are powerful. The Chicago native's soulful R&B style speaks to me. Her music pairs quite nicely with RAY BLK's. I included RAY's puissant freestyle track in the mix because frankly, you needed to hear it. I have faith in the fact that both of these strong women with stunning lyrical skills will make it far in the industry. 

Before I go, I want to quickly mention one of my favorite songs in this mix - Grey Luh by Berhana. I don't know what it is about this song I love so much, but damn it makes me wanna dance. This dude has a TON of potential. Easily on my must-listen list. 

Do you guys have any new artists you need to brag about? Leave them in the comments below and I'll definitely give them a listen. I'm always looking for new sounds to send through my ear holes. While you're in the comments, let me know what you thought of this mix along with suggestions for future playlists! 

Happy Listening, friends! 


  • I Put a Spell on You {Annie Lennox}
  • Witchy Woman {Ealges}
  • Werewolves of London {Warren Zevon}
  • Black Magic Woman {Santana}
  • Abracadabra {Steve Miller Band}
  • Sympathy for the Devil {The Rolling Stones}
  • Bad Moon Rising {CCR}
  • Superstition {Stevie Wonder}
  • Heads Will Roll {Yeah Yeah Yeahs}
  • Magic Dance {David Bowie}

You can listen to this playlist here: Halloweenies

HAPPY HALLOWEEN YOU BUNCH OF WEENIES!!! Sorry... you're probably not actual weenies, but admit it, we're all a little bit weenie-y during Halloween. For this spooktastic holiday I put together a bunch of songs with some real chilling titles. There's really nothing I can say about this playlist other than -- YOU'RE WELCOME for not putting Monster Mash on this god damn Halloween mix! 

The Good Bit

  • He Is The Same {Jon Bellion}
  • Wind Up {Rizzle Kicks}
  • Young & Stupid {Raleigh Ritchie}
  • Molly {Lil Dicky, Brendon Urie}
  • Summer Friends {Chance The Rapper}
  • Give and Take {Kembe X}
  • Crazy Dream {Tom Misch}
  • Vibration {Alex Wiley}
  • Slip Slide {Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment}
  • In The Morning {Pell}

You can listen to this week's playlist here: The Good Bit

Hi Friends!!! I hope you've all been having the summer of your dreams! This week's mix is pretty simple, but just as badass as the rest of them. I've really been feeling male artists this summer, so it was easy to put together a mxi of some of my favorite songs from some badass dudes. There's two groups I'd like to mention in this post. First - Jon Bellion. He is KILLING the new artist game. His debut album was released last Friday and it is everything we could have ever wanted. If you haven't checked him out, DO IT. Second - Rizzle Kicks. These two incredible fellas can always turn my frown upside down. The British rappers have a way with beats that makes you dance every single time their tunes come on. Again, if you haven't checked them out, DO! 
Wishing you all a great week and even greater jam sessions! Enjoy! 

Hometown Hoedown

  • Rich {Maren Morris}
  • Castaway {ZBB}
  • It Don't Hurt Like It Used To {Billy Currington}
  • I Met A Girl {William Michael Morgan}
  • A Little More Love {Jerrod Neiman, Lee Brice}
  • Stay A Little Longer {Brothers Osborne}
  • T-Shirt {Thomas Rhett}
  • Wasted Time {Keith Urban}
  • Came Here To Forget {Blake Shelton}
  • Head Over Boots {Jon Pardi}

You can listen to this playlist here: Country Summer

Summer is right around the corner my friends! In my little hometown, country music rules the car radios in the summer months. Everyone and their brother is blaring acoustic melodies and twangy notes out their windows. I haven't been a country music fan since my 4-H years, but I can appreciate a good tune here and there, & I've been way past due on putting together some hillbilly anthems for y'all. This one is for you - you country lovin' goons! 
What is your favorite country song at the moment? Let me know in the comments below!! 

Also - I apologize for the lack of playlists these last two weeks! I've been doing some soul searching and needed a bit of a break to regain inspiration. I want to continue bringing you enjoyable content, no matter the frequency! Forgive me!! 

Songs To Help You Through Finals Week

You can listen to this week's playlist here: Songs To Help You Question Your Life

  • Heartless {Kanye West}
  • All My Friends {Snakehips}
  • Lonely {Akon}
  • Me Against The World {2Pac}
  • Stay With Me {Sam Smith}
  • Say Something {A Great Big World}
  • Boombastic {Shaggy}
  • Mad World {Gary Jules}
  • Another One Bites The Dust {Queen}
  • Blue (Da Ba Dee) {Eiffel 65}

It's that time again friends... FINALS WEEK. The dreaded time in which every college student questions everything they've worked so hard for the entire semester. Can I pass? Is the debt it worth it? Will I survive the week?! The important thing to remember during this week is- YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!! 
I have put together a list of 10 songs that ever-so-vividly describe the many stages we go through during finals week. Heres how- 

  1. Your professor decided to assign a project due on Sunday of finals week. Not just any project either. A project thats worth 200 points and will take away no less than three hours of your study time. How could you be so HEARTLESS prof?!
  2. It's the Saturday night before finals week, and all your friends decide to go out, but you have the biggest exam of the week on Monday and you've barely studied, so you stay in. During your study breaks you check Snapchat and see that ALL YOUR FRIENDS ARE WASTED, and you hate this dorm room, man you study too much. 
  3. After watching your friend's sloppy Snapchats, you decide to take a walk down the hallway to get your blood flowing again. You realize that only you and the shy kid in room 305 stayed in. All you can think is... I'M SO LOOOONNNEELLLYYY! 
  4. Once your pity party ends, you get a gust of energy and tell yourself it's go time! IT'S ME AGAINST THE WORLD and nobody can stop me now!!! ...except maybe a snack break. 
  5. After that glorious snack break, you decide to calculate exactly how many questions you need to get right on the exams in  order to get the grade you want in the class. You slowly realize that what you need is nearly impossible and beg your grades to STAY WITH ME!!! Please!?
  6. It's finally here.. the biggest final of the semester... you get the exam packet and after reading the first question you realize that you're royally f*cked. You look at the kid next to you, you both shrug, look at the professor and in your mind you beg them to SAY SOMETHING because this has got to be a prank. 
  7. It's now time for your foreign language final thaaaaat.... you definitely did not study for. At this point you've given up and are searching your brain for any word that sounds even remotely Spanish. All of a sudden you hear it. "She call me Mr. BOOMBASTIC. Say me FANTASTIC." Good enough, right?
  8. It's now Friday. The only people left on campus are basically zombies. You sit down at the last final on your schedule and take a look around the room. Faintly in the background, MAD WORLD starts playing. You're scared, but know it'll all be over soon. 
  9. The exam started 25 minutes ago and people are already getting up to turn in their scantrons. You wonder how they could possibly be finished already, until one of them walks past your seat on the way out and you watch a single tear fall from their cheek. ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST on this one. 
  10. Well, you have successfully(?) made it through another finals week. As you turn in your last exam, the death is lifted from your body and you have your life back again. You get back to your room to check what you got on your finals from earlier in the week only to find out that you've failed. You're too happy for summer, but possibly depressed because you have to re-take that course. You're BLUE!

Friends, don't let finals get to you too hard. You'll make it through. We all will. But we definitely all question our lives at one time or another during the process. Good luck and happy studying! I'll see you on the other side!